Call for contributed talks and posters

The annual conference on quantum cryptography (QCrypt) solicits submissions for contributed talks and posters.


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Key dates

The following are the key dates of QCrypt 2020:

DateEventOld Date
10 March 2020Talk submission open
Fri, 17 April 2020Talk submission deadline1 April 2020
Fri, 8 May 2020decision that QCrypt 2020 takes place online
Sun, 14 June 2020Talk acceptance notification22 May 2020
7 June 2020
Mon, 15 June 2020Poster submission deadline1 June 2020
Sat, 20 June 2020Poster acceptance notification15 June 2020
Tue, 30 June 2020Early bird registration deadline22 June 2020
Wed, 5 August 2020Online registration deadline
10-14 August 2020QCrypt 2020

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Goal of the Conference

QCrypt is a conference for students and researchers working on all aspects of quantum cryptography. This includes theoretical and experimental research on the possibilities and limitations of secure communication and computation with quantum devices, how security can be preserved in the presence of a quantum computer, and how to achieve long distance quantum communication.

It is the goal of the conference to represent the previous year’s best results on quantum cryptography, and to support the building of a research community.

Contributed Talks and Posters

QCrypt solicits submissions of extended abstracts describing recent research results in quantum cryptography. These will be reviewed by the program committee, which will select a small number of contributed talks, and a larger number of poster presentations. The selection will be based on scientific merit of the submissions, keeping in mind the desire to create an attractive and balanced program. A small number of submissions may be upgraded to invited talks at the discretion of the PC chair and of the steering committee.

In line with the goal of showcasing the best results each year from all subfields, the conference has no published proceedings. Yet, contributed talks are highly competitive. QCrypt welcomes the submission of any interesting and important result, while allowing researchers from a wide range of disciplines to pursue publication in any venue appropriate to their field.

Student Paper Prize

Since 2011, QCrypt features a prize for the best student submission. A submission is eligible for the student prize if and only if the main author(s) is/are a student(s) at the time of the submission, will present the work at QCrypt, and further a significant portion of the work must have been done by said student(s), including contributions to the key ideas. More details can be found in the Charter.

Program Committee

Program committee list can be found here.

Submission Instructions

An extended abstract should be 2-3 pages in A4 or letter size PDF, using reasonable margins and at least 11pt font. It should give a non-technical, clear and insightful description of the results and main ideas, their impact, and their importance to quantum cryptography.

For a “poster only” submission, a one-page non-technical PDF is sufficient as the extended abstract.

The extended abstract may refer to technical details which are presented elsewhere. In particular, authors may include citations to a full version of the paper that is either published, available on or provided as an attachment (links to full versions on personal webpages are not accepted). This is strongly recommended for theory submissions to help the peer-review process. The extended abstract should not be a compressed version of the full-length paper.

The submission server is now available at:

Impact of coronavirus outbreak

Check this site for updates on the possible impact of the coronovirus outbreak on QCrypt 2020.