24 March 2020: postponing deadlines

Because of the ongoing coronavirus situation, in discussions among the Steering Committee, the PC Chairs, and the Local Organizers, the following decisions have been made:

  1. The submission deadline for contributed talks is extended from originally April 1 to new April 17. This is to accommodate authors that have a hard time finishing their submissions in time due to the current difficult situation. Along with the submission deadline, also other key dates (notification, poster submission, etc.) are postponed. See https://2020.qcrypt.net/call/#key-dates for all the new dates, or subscribe to our calendar to stay updated about the official dates and events here.
  2. So far, the preparations for QCrypt 2020 are still up and running, hoping that the situation improves in time. However, it remains unsure whether the conference can take place as originally planned. The final decision on whether or not the physical conference will take place will be made by June 1, 2020.
  3. The paper submission and selection procedure will remain unaffected by any decision to cancel the physical conference. If it is decided that the physical QCrypt 2020 conference does not take place then the accepted papers will be presented in a “virtual” QCrypt 2020 conference (the details of the latter are not fixed yet).

13 March 2020: Potential impact of coronavirus outbreak on QCrypt 2020

The QCrypt Steering Committee and the local organizers of QCrypt 2020 are closely monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and assessing its potential impact on the upcoming conference. For the time being, the preparations for QCrypt 2020 go ahead as planned, hoping that until summer the situation will have calmed down sufficiently. However, in case the conference has to be canceled and/or participants from certain regions will not be able to physically attend due to travel restrictions, measures will be taken to ease the burden and to nevertheless promote the accepted papers. These measures include having a more flexible cancellation and refund policy, and allowing alternative methods of presentation (such as pre-recorded videos).

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