General format

The online edition of QCrypt 2020 will have a similar format than other conferences such as Eurocrypt 20 and PKC 20 that were recently held online. The authors of accepted papers are asked to prepare and upload a 20-25 minute video of their talks that will be available on our YouTube channel several days before the conference.

From Monday, 10 August to Friday, 14 August 2020,

  • the main program of the conference takes place as zoom webinar,
  • the poster sessions and networking breaks will take place in a virtual Meet & Greet Room (featured by,
  • participants can talk to each other on Slack.

All partipants of QCrypt 2020 are bound to the code of conduct which in particular states that they have to represent themselves by the full name that they use for their professional work. Violations of the code of conduct should be reported as indicated here.

Tutorial talks, Invited talks

The tutorial and invited talks are given live on the zoom webinar, and simultaneously streamed to YouTube. Webinar participants can ask questions via the zoom Q&A functionality. The speaker will answer the most important questions after the talk on zoom. After each session, the speaker is moving over to the Meet & Greet Room and will be available there to answer more individual questions (as it is usually the case at real-life conferences). The tutorial and invited talks are recorded and will be made available on the YouTube channel for offline watching.

Contributed talks

The list of accepted papers is here. After making a 20-25 minute video of their talks available before the conference, the live “online” part of presenting contributed articles is divided into thematic sessions on the zoom webinar. In each session, 3 to 4 contributed articles will be presented by means of a 5 minute talk each, followed by a panel discussion involving the speakers of the session and moderated by some members of the program committee. After each session, the speakers are moving over to the Meet & Greet Room and will be available there to answer more individual questions.

Poster sessions

The list of accepted posters with PDFs will be available on this website before the conference. The two poster sessions take place in the Meet & Greet Room. More details will be provided later.


The breaks between the talks can be spent in the Meet & Greet Room. Very much as with a physical conference, there you can meet and chat with your colleagues, corner the speaker from the previous session for (more) questions, visit the sponsor booths, and make new acquaintances. This is also the venue where the poster sessions take place.


We are still working on a concrete conference schedule, but you can see a list of sessions and speakers


Thanks to our sponsors, there is no registration fee for participating in the online edition of QCrypt 2020. Note that by registering to QCrypt, you are considered a participant of QCrypt 2020 and are thereby bound to the code of conduct.

Register here

The email address you indicate during the registration will be added to an email list of registered participants of QCrypt 2020. In the week before the conference, we will send you via email the links to the zoom webinar and the room (for the poster sessions and the social breaks)

Instructions for authors of accepted papers

  1. We ask the authors of each accepted paper to prepare a 20-25 minute video of their talk by the deadline of Monday, 3 August 2020, following these guidelines.

  2. Upload the talk video to

  3. After uploading, fill in this form: …

  4. We will upload your talk to our YouTube channel and make it available from our webpage.


Follow us on Twitter and tweet about QCrypt 2020 using the hashtag #qcrypt2020 .


If you have quetions, you can ask them on the #helpdesk channel on slack, or email to