Contributed Talks 1a: Quantum MPC (Chairs: Omar Fawzi and Carl Miller)

Mon, 10 Aug , 15:45 - 16:15
    • Succinct Blind Quantum Computation Using a Random Oracle
      Jiayu Zhang (Boston University)
      Presenter live session: Jiayu Zhang
      submission #17
    • Secure Multi-party Quantum Computation with a Dishonest Majority
      Yfke Dulek (QuSoft and University of Amsterdam); Alex Grilo (QuSoft and CWI Amsterdam); Stacey Jeffery (QuSoft and CWI Amsterdam); Christian Majenz (QuSoft and CWI Amsterdam); Christian Schaffner (QuSoft and University of Amsterdam)
      Presenter live session: Alex Grilo
      submission #30
    • Non-interactive classical verification of quantum computation
      Gorjan Alagic (University of Maryland and NIST); Andrew M. Childs (University of Maryland); Alex B. Grilo (CWI and QuSoft); Shih-Han Hung (University of Maryland)
      Presenter live session: Shih-Han Hung
      submission #58