Contributed Talks 5a: Encryption and coin-flipping (Chairs: Sevag Gharibian and Or Sattath)

Fri, 14 Aug , 15:45 - 16:15
    • Quantum encryption with certified deletion
      Anne Broadbent (University of Ottawa); Rabib Islam (University of Ottawa)
      Presenter live session: Anne Broadbent
      submission #16
    • On Security Notions for Encryption in a Quantum World
      Céline Chevalier (University of Paris II); Ehsan Ebrahimi (University of Luxembourg); Quoc-Huy Vu (University of Paris II)
      Presenter live session: Quoc-Huy Vu
      submission #29
    • Analytic quantum weak coin flipping protocols with arbitrarily small bias
      Atul Singh Arora (Universite libre de Bruxelles); Jeremie Roland (Universite libre de Bruxelles); Chrysoula Vlachou (Universite libre de Bruxelles)
      Presenter live session: Atul Singh Arora
      submission #46