Industry Session (Chairs: Christoph Marquardt and Akihisa Tomita)

Wed, 12 Aug , 11:00 - 12:30


      • Cheng-Zhi Peng, University of Science and Technology of China
      • Andreas Poppe, AIT, OpenQKD
      • Hao Qin, CAS Quantum Network
      • Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Toshiba
      • Martin Ward, Toshiba Research, ETSI


      PART I : Standardization Activities

      11:00-11:15 Hao Qin (CAS Quantum Network) ITU-T and ISO slides

      11:15-11:30 Martin Ward (Toshiba Research Lab. UK) ETSI slides

      PART II: Projects for QKD network around the world

      11:30-11:45 Cheng-Zhi Peng (USTC) China slides

      11:45-12:00 Andreas Poppe (AIT) OpenQKD (EU) slides

      12:00-12:15 Yoshimichi Tanizawa (Toshiba) SIP and Global QCN (Japan)


      12:15-12:30 Open discussion