Invited: Towards quantum repeater and network with cold atoms (Chair: Christian Majenz)

Thu, 13 Aug , 13:15 - 14:00

    Abstract: Quantum internet will enable a number of revolutionary applications, such as distributed quantum computing, large scale quantum communication and cooperative operation of atomic clocks. Cold atomic ensembles are a very promising approach for quantum internet, featuring long coherence time and collectively enhanced interaction with single photons. The current central theme in this direction is to improve the performance of fundamental building blocks and to construct small-scale networks which go beyond state of the art. In this talk, I will present our experimental works in this direction, such as the improvement of single-node performance with cavity enhancement, optical lattice, and Rydberg nonlinearity. I will also talk about the extension of atom-atom entanglement distance via quantum frequency conversion, and the establishment of entanglement among three quantum nodes via three-photon interference etc.